An exercise to mentally focus the group. The version on the floor is

slightly longer than the version that follows.

Key words - Opening up and warm up exercise.

Purpose - Relaxing the body and preparing the psychophysical state of the participants for learning.

Didactic materials - A yoga mat for each participant (in the event that the floor is not warm).

Description - Participants lie on the floor stomach up, arms along their body, occupying the space in a homogenous manner. The trainer guides the relaxation process speaking very slowly and focusing participants’ attention and perceptions first on their feet and their heaviness and adhesion to the ground, then to the legs, the pelvis, the torso and arms, to the hands and then the head. During the exercise, breathing must be slow and deep, eyes are closed. It is possible to use ambient music or do the exercises in complete silence.

Duration - A minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 10.