Its main purpose is to increase the listening, focus and energy level of the group.

Key words - Opening up and warm up exercise.

Purpose - Increasing the energy level and ability to listen within the group.

Description - Participants are in a circle. They must all be silent and focused. One of the participants randomly inhales and then energetically launches a hand toward the centre of the circle accompanied by a powerful breathing sound saying: “Ha!” At that same moment, all the others have to be able to reproduce the sound and the movement simultaneously. The exercise proceeds until all the participants have made the gesture and emitted a sound.

Duration - A minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 10.

Observations - You may notice that some members of the group purposely make preparatory movements anticipating their intention to lead with the gesture and, therefore, in some way helping out the group. In contrast, another member may do the gesture and voice in an unexpected manner trying to catch the group off guard. The trainer be aware of this and bring everything back to a level of mutual listening.