Its main purpose is to increase the listening, focus and energy level of the group. It can be done with variations.

Key words - Opening up and warm up exercise.

Purpose - Increasing the group’s ability to listen. The exercise can be useful to learn numbers in the host language.

Description - Participants are in a circle. They must all be silent and concentrated. One of the participants randomly starts the game saying the number one. Then, another participant randomly says number two. Next another one says three and so on until the number 30 is reached. If two participants say the same number simultaneously, however, the game starts again beginning at one.

Duration - A minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 10.

Variations - First variation (for very large groups). Instead of counting to 30, each participant says a number and sits down until all the participants have had a turn. If two people start at the same time, everyone stands up and the game starts at one again.

Second variation. (When the group has reached a high level of concentration.) The same situation as the first variation except that instead of saying a number you say your name.

Observations - Typically, you will see part of the group trying to help the game work, for example counting very quickly or anticipating their intention to say the number and so on. The trainer must be aware of this and bring everything back to a level of mutual listening.