An exercise with various objectives. Firstly, it allows for an increase in body consciousness within a space, but can also be done with many variations for language learning.

Key words - Opening up and warm up exercise.

Purpose - Awareness of space and moving within it.

Description - The exercise is carried out in a highly focused manner. It consists in walking within a space in a uniform manner without running into one another. While walking, arms and hands are hanging at the sides in a relaxed manner. Eyes look ahead and not at the ground. The exercise is normally called “the raft” to allow people to understand through a clear image that the entire space must be occupied. If, in fact, everyone is together on one corner of a raft it flips over. There are many variations to this important exercise, some of which will be described in the work sheets that follow.

Duration - A minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 10.

Observations - Typically, especially in the initial sessions, you will observe that participants tend to walk in a circle following each other. The trainer will have to break this habit and encourage participants to be more autonomous and aware of the space.