An additional variation of the raft. In this version, the exercise can be used productively to learn the catchphrases or idiomatic expressions of the host language.

Key words - Opening up and warm up exercise.

Purpose - Awareness of space and moving within it. Learning brief sentences for daily use.

Description - The exercise is a variation of the raft one. It starts like the traditional raft exercise but while walking, the participants who are close to each other, stop for a moment and say hello. The salutation can be said in the host language. The trainer, with the assistance of a language teacher, must ensure the accuracy of the type of salutation but also that the exercise is done correctly in general.

Duration - Approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Variations - On a different occasion, instead of using the salutation formula, participants can ask each other questions of their choice: for example where the train station is located, whether it is hot or cold, or how much something costs. The questions have to be asked in the host language with the help of a language teacher.