An exercise based principally on synergy between workshop participants. It also serves to raise confidence in body language potential.

Key words - Opening up and warm up exercise.

Purpose - Cultivating empathy and deeper relationships with the other.

Description - The exercise is carried out in pairs. Participants are placed one in front of the other. They look into each other’s eyes. In this position, one of the two randomly begins to make little movements silently, first with their arms and then with the rest of their body. The partner follows her/him copying the movements as if in a mirror. As the exercise progresses, the movements become more complex.

Duration - Approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Observations - The exercise should be carried out slowly. You may observe that some pairs tend to do the exercise quickly as if to demonstrate that they are capable of doing it. The trainer will have to make sure it is clear that this is not a race but an attempt to test the ability to take part and copy the movements of the other.