An important exercise which develops creative thinking and starts with a relationship with an object.

Key words - Exploratory exercise starting with an object.

Purpose - Stimulating creativity and developing the ability to invent.

Didactic materials - Various types of rather small and light objects that can be thrown.

Description - The exercise should be carried out in a circle. The trainer tosses an object at a participant (for example a roll of tape). The participant takes the object and has to make movements using the object in a way that is different from its normal daily use; changing its purpose, significance and function (for example, in the case of the roll of tape, it can be used as a magnifying glass, etc.). Once the action has been carried out, the object is tossed to another participant who will do the same exercise and so on for at least two turns within the circle. Each object must be named in its new form in the host language.

Duration - Approximately 15 minutes.

Observations - No one can replicate the actual function of the object. Everyone must push themselves to find a new way to use it and give it a new meaning