The exercise is a next step to the previous one. Along with developing creativity, it also serves to give names to objects and can be utilised to acquire new vocabulary in the host language.

Key words - Exploratory exercise starting with an object.

Purpose - Stimulating creativity and developing the capacity to invent.

Didactic materials - Various objects distributed around the room.

Description - The exercise is a next step to the previous one. In this version, objects are distributed around the room. In the first phase, each participant will get an object and creatively change its function and use. In the second phase, the trainer will ask participants to choose a single object among the many available, with which he/she has already worked, and use that object in at least three different ways. These three uses will become the basis of a micro-story without words. The object in its various functions must be named in the host language before the mimed story is told.

Duration - Approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Observations - As in the previous version, no one can replicate the actual function of the object. Everyone must push themselves to find a new way to use it and give it a new meaning.