This is a team-building exercise which principally serves to explore a theme that will be developed theatrically in a nonverbal way within the group.

Key words - Exploring starting with the body.

Purpose - Exploring a theme in a nonverbal manner. Beginning to build the content of a play.

Description - The exercise is derived from image theatre (Theatre of the Oppressed). Participants are gathered together on one side of the room. One of them randomly detaches from the group and positions her/himself in the middle of the room and takes on a form: assuming a physical posture. After a short period of observation, the others begin to join that form one at a time, adding new ones that interact with the others, completing it by forming a tableau vivant where everyone gives a piece of significance to the whole.

Duration - Approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

Variations - If there are a lot of participants the group can be divided in two. One of the two groups will be assigned the task of creating a tableau vivant while the other group will observe and then describe the sensations they felt while watching the composition and, if possible, derive a story from it.