This is a team-building exercise with the same objective as the previous one.

Key words - Exploring starting with the body.

Purpose - Exploring a theme in a nonverbal manner. Beginning to build the content of a play.

Description - The exercise is an important variation of the previous one (tableaux vivants). Participants are gathered together on one side of the room (or divided into two groups if they are too numerous). The trainer or one of the participants says a word. A participant randomly detaches from the group and quickly positions her/himself against the opposite wall, taking on a physical form from the word uttered. The meaning of the word is expressed through the form taken. After a short period of observation the others, one by one, add to the form by quickly crossing the room, positioning themselves against the wall and linking with the other classmates, providing new forms to complete a bas-relief.

Duration - Approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

Observations - Unlike the previous exercise, in this one there is a greater need for physical contact. This can create some problems if the process is carried out with participants coming from cultures in which physical contact is offensive as in the case of some groups of migrants. It is up to the trainer to understand if the group is capable of overcoming this type of impasse or if the exercise should be modified limiting the requirement for physical contact.