A team-building exercise. Participants collectively build animated forms, which can be assigned a meaning, and can be done in many variations.

Key words - Exploring starting with the body.

Purpose - Exploring a theme in a nonverbal manner. Beginning to build the content of a play.

Description - As in the case of the previous ones, this exercise is a team-builder. The group is divided into subgroups. Each subgroup works one at a time. The trainer asks one member of each group to go to the centre of the room and make a rhythmic movement which they must repeat incessantly. A sound must be associated with the movement. After having studied the example, the other participants that are part of the group which is working at that moment, will move one by one to the first person and add their own movement and sound to the preceding one in a complementary manner. The result will be the construction of a sort of improbable machine. The same will occur with the other subgroups.

Duration - Approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

Variations - The rhythm machines built earlier can be animated bit by bit with particular moods (for example, anger or sweetness). The mood will change the movement of the machine in an unpredictable and amusing manner.