The exercise in some ways develops others in the previous sections and leads to writing the outline of a story through an object.

Purpose - Playwriting.

Didactic materials - A flipchart, objects requested by the trainer.

Description - The trainer asks participants to bring a significant object from their daily life to class. There must, therefore, be an emotional attachment to the object. The exercise takes place in three different phases. In the first, the trainer asks participants to explore the potential of the chosen object (see the “Transformation” exercise) improvising with it by starting with the new functions that can be assigned to it. After a certain period of time the participants are asked to select a limited number of functions. At this point we move to the second phase which consists in thinking and writing a brief story in which the object appears with the functions identified previously. The last phase involves publicly giving back to the group which can take notes and add meaning to what was presented.

Duration - Approximately 30 minutes.