An exercise linked to the previous one in which a course of action is developed. The objective is to define a complete and logical description of the characters that will be part of the scene.

Key words - Playwriting.

Purpose - Playwriting.

Didactic materials - A flipchart.

Description - The exercise is related to the previous ones. In examining the list of characters identified and their placement in the situation described by the group, participants will proceed to probe them, with the assistance of the trainer, giving them “the third degree”, starting with those identified as lead characters and moving to the secondary ones. Each time, the group will develop information about the character and her/his story, on her/his possible relationship with other characters and her/his way of thinking and operating. All the information that emerges will be written on the flipchart and synthesised by the trainer. At the end of the process there should be a complete description and logic for the characters that will be on the set.

Duration - About 40 minutes.