Keywords - Counting.

Purpose - Training participants in the use of numbers in the local language, practicing counting.

Description - The group is arranged in a circle. Participants start walking on the spot stomping their feet following a rhythm indicated by the instructor. The trainer starts the game counting 1 to the first step, the person to the right of the trainer will count number 2 on the next step (or on every second one) and so on until we return to the trainer whom at that point will say in a loud voice the number N+1 where N represents the number of people in the circle. Once we have reached N+1 the counting continues starting back at 1 but said by the person who in the last round was number 2 and so on. You can do many rounds without interrupting the game. In each new round the person who starts at 1 is the one who said number 2 in the previous round. If a mistake is made the group starts at 1 again.

Once the basic mechanism is understood the group moves to the next phase. In the second phase the structure of the game is the same, walking on the spot at the same beat and counting numbers with every step (or every two steps) but the participants only say the numbers 1 and N+1 out loud. Once they have understood this new way of proceeding they arrive at the final step in which only the number 1 is said out loud moving to the participant to the right of where the previous round had begun.

Duration - A minimum of 10 minutes depending on the variations.

Observations - It is critical that each participant feels at ease walking on the spot and maintaining a common rhythm stomping their feet.