Key words - Place values.

Purpose - Understanding the place values of numbers.

Pre-requisites - Knowing how to count from 0 to 10 in the local language.

Description - The trainer delineates a space that will be used as a stage. Using masking tape or something similar, the width of the stage is divided into four equal parts which represent ones, tens, hundreds and thousands respectively.

Participants are given 5 minutes to figure out how to portray a concrete action individually without talking (e.g. eating, digging …) in 4 different ways, from very small to very large.

Afterward, every participant will demonstrate their action on the stage starting from the ones area, moving to the tens, hundreds and thousands. Each passage calls for the action to get bigger than the preceding one. The action can be enlarged through movements, intensity, effects, etc., while trying to illustrate the amplification that takes place moving from one area to another on the stage as much as possible.

Duration - About 30 minutes.

Observations - This activity works very well if the group has a certain familiarity with the theatre dimension and the participants have already overcome the embarrassment of exhibiting themselves in front of their classmates.