Keywords - Counting, times tables.

Purpose - Training participants to do the times tables in the local language.

Pre-requisites - Knowing numbers in the local language, being able to do the “Counting” game with ease.

Description - The group is arranged in a circle. The trainer states which times table the group has to do. For this description we will take the example of the 3 times table. Exactly like the “Counting” activity, the participants walk on the spot with a common rhythm maintaining the beat with their feet. The trainer explains that the group will be doing the 3 times table.

The trainer starts the game saying 1 out loud to the beat of the steps, the person to the right of the trainer will count, inside their head, 2 to the next step and so on until the group reaches 30. Participants will only say the numbers that are multiples of 3 out loud while the other numbers will be counted silently. It is essential that the numbers that don’t belong to the times table selected are not said out loud. If a mistake is made the group starts at 1 again.

Duration - A minimum of 10 minutes depending on the variations.

Variations - Once the mechanism has been understood the group may continue going beyond the tenth multiplier (30 in our example) and the game stops solely when a participant makes a mistake.