Keywords - Divisor.

Purpose - Training participants to break down numbers into prime factors.

Description - The trainer delineates a work space which is referred to as a raft. The participants walk within the perimeter of the raft trying to remain evenly distributed within the space. The trainer can guide the participants verbally with a stop and go or with a percussion instrument or piece of music: when the music is playing they walk, when it stops they remain immobile. During the stops, the trainer will ask participants to portray statues that represent objects, people, abstract concepts, etc.

When participants have understood the raft and transformation mechanism, the next phase can begin: the N participants are assigned a number from 1 to N which will be theirs for the duration of the activity. The raft game continues and now at the stop the trainer only asks the participants whose number reflects the rule being applied to transform themselves.

E.g: «Only divisors of 24 transform»

«Only prime number divisors of 24 transform», etc.

Duration - A minimum of 15 minutes.