Keywords - Fractions.

Purpose - Training participants to recognise simple fractions.

Pre-requisite - Knowing how to count from 1 to 10 in the local language.

Description - The raft format is used (see activity above).

When participants have understood the raft mechanism, at the stop the trainer will ask participants to form groups of N people who will be in contact physically (an indication can be given on which part of the body). When the trainer says go (or the music starts) the subgroups of N people arranged together go back to walking in the space without losing the contact that had been made. At the next stop the trainer will ask a fraction of the participants in each group to portray an object/ animal/person.

E.g: Subgroups of 4 people are formed: 1/4 of each group turns into a ball, 2/4 of the group turns into a chicken and 6/8 of the group turns into a book.

Transformed in this manner the groups continue to move in the space without losing contact. At the next stop and go, the groups break up and the participants go back to moving alone in the space.

Duration - A minimum of 15 minutes.