Keywords - Least common multiple, prime factors.

Purpose - Understanding the mechanics of least common multiple.

Description - The trainer divides the group into subgroups of 3 or 4 people.

Each subgroup has to stage a holiday that has very specific characteristics. Each participant in the subgroups expresses a desire regarding the vacation that will be represented. For example: at the sea, relaxing or a bike trip in a city full of cultural sites, etc. It’s possible that the same desire is expressed by two different people. The subgroup must imagine and stage a vacation that includes all the desires expressed by the individual participants. The piece should be rehearsed before it is performed in front of the others.

Duration - About 30 minutes.

Variations - The metaphor of the vacation can be substituted with other situations that are more appropriate for the group.

Observations - The process of creating the vacation is a metaphor for the mechanism of calculating the least common multiple: all the common and non-common desires (prime factors) of the participants (numbers) are collected. In this exercise the exponent is not considered but through the tests carried out with groups it emerged that the abstraction presented is adequate to understand the heart of the concept of the least common multiple. The exponent can be introduced subsequently during a frontal lesson. In order for the activity to function, it is important that the group have the capacity to work together and theatrically depict a situation.