Keywords - Geometry.

Purpose - Understanding the spatial concept of three-dimensional shapes.

Didactic materials - A pair of white gloves for each participant, music.

Description - The participants are divided into subgroups of 4 to 5 people and each person wears a pair of white gloves. Each subgroup will have to build a three-dimensional geometric shape within the space. The shape will be built in the space highlighting the vertex of the shape itself, represented by the hands in white gloves in a fist.

Building the shape becomes theatrical and each group has to choose a context linked to an era (e.g. ancient Rome, the far west, ancient Egypt…) or a narrative style (e.g. Shakespeare, Tarantino, a soap opera…) and a song that will serve as the soundtrack.

Each subgroup has half an hour to decide which shape to represent and with which style of music.

The portrayal of a subgroup begins with an empty space and the other participants form the audience.

The actors enter the scene one at a time with a walk that is appropriate for the music and setting, and take their positions in the space highlighting the vertices with their white gloves as they construct it. Duration - A minimum of 45 minutes.

Variations - The construction of the shape can become the narrative of an actual short story.