Keywords - Numbers, units of measurement.

Purpose - Becoming familiar with the basic units of measurement (litres, grams, metres).

Didactic materials - Music.

Description - The trainer divides the participants into subgroups of 5 to 6 people.

Each group is assigned a time (at least 20 minutes) to prepare their own performance which will be shown to the rest of the group.

Each subgroup has to present a recipe the ingredients of which the individual participants represent. Each ingredient has its own way of moving and its own character. For example, coffee could have a fluid and anxious way of moving, butter slow and heavy, etc. Each group selects its own presenter.

The space is divided into stage and public. The stage is used in a circular manner as if it were a circus stage. During the performance, which is conducted with pre-selected music, the ingredients enter one at a time, introduced by the presenter as if they were artists in a circus, and they arrange themselves on the stage. Subsequently, when all the ingredients are lined up in front of the public, the presenter begins to recite the recipe, asking each ingredient a precise quantity, specifying the unit of measurement. When the ingredients are called out by the presenter they begin to mix with each other and transform themselves as if they were subject to heat, mixed, etc., until they arrive at the final product.

Duration - A minimum of 45 minutes.

Variations - Alternatively to the preparation of a recipe, the group could be asked to stage building something that is made up of several parts that are clearly identified by units of measure. For example, building a piece of furniture from Ikea in which case the presenter will read the building instructions instead of the recipe. Otherwise they may build a famous monument (e.g. the Statue of Liberty).

Observations - It is important to emphasise the circus-like dimension to render representing the ingredients and creating the recipe pleasurable and easy. In this sense, the choice of music which accompanies the actions is very important and the trainer can recommend music to the group that is appropriate for their aim.