Keywords - Literal calculation, monomials, polynomials.

Purpose - Understanding representations of monomials and polynomials.

Description - All the participants will turn into monomials that exhibit themselves in a parade.

The transformation into a monomial follows very precise rules that are useful for understanding the concept of monomials itself, which the trainer must introduce:

-             each person represents a letter or a number;

-             the coloured tunics represent a letter (e.g. yellow is X, orange is Y)

-             the coefficient is written on a sheet of A4 paper and held in the hand of a letter at stomach height;

-             the exponent (from 2 to 5) is represented by the left hand raised above the head;

-             the +/sign isn’t written on a sheet of paper, if it is positive the person is facing the public, if it is negative the person has their back to the public.

The participants decide which monomial they want to be and consequently whether they will work alone or in a pair.

E.g: 3X2 - one person,

3X2Y3 - two people.

Once the participants have decided which monomial to represent, the trainer subdivides the space into two areas: the public and the runway. Half the group is the audience, the other half goes onto the stage for the runway show and at the end of the parade the two groups invert their roles.

The runway show foresees the use of music and the presence of a presenter (the trainer or a participant who is particularly able to improvise describing the models while they strut).

Like in a real fashion show, the monomials present themselves on the runway one at a time, each with their own way of walking. They stroll down the runway to show themselves off with dynamism to the public. The presenter describes the models on the runway in an amusing manner.

Duration - A minimum of 45 minutes.

Variation - The same structure can be used for presenting simple polynomials.

Observations - The role of the presenter played by the trainer is very important in this case. Making the fashion show situation theatrical will foster the public’s and models’ enjoyment.