Keywords - Literal calculation, monomials, polynomials, operations between monomials and polynomials.

Purpose - Understanding the representation of monomials and polynomials.

Didactic materials - A pack of A4 paper, large-tipped felt pens, two different-coloured tunics, music.

Description - The trainer divides the groups into subgroups of 3 to 5 people depending on the requirements.

Each subgroup decides which operation among two monomials to represent.

Participants turn into monomials according to the rules described in the activity “Representing monomials and polynomials”.

Once it has been decided which operation to represent (e.g. 3X + 4 + 2X) and the passages to arrive at the solution understood, each subgroup decides its context (historic era, film genre, etc.) and selects a soundtrack.

Each subgroup stages the operation selected, characterising it starting with the setting and the soundtrack, to arrive at the solution. The theatrics call for a silent scene in which each monomial is personified by its own way of moving and reacting. With the encounter of the two monomials, the execution of the operation takes place.

The trainer divides the space into two areas: stage and audience. Each group presents their own operation to their classmates.

Duration - A minimum of 1 hour.

Variations - The same structure can be used to represent products.