1. Abstract: The Theatre in Prison as a Art

As illustrated in output 01 “Needs Analysis” the innovative aspects of the ES-CAPE Project can be deduced methodologically from the practices promoted in the penitentiary institutions of Pesaro and Seville (here detailed for the Theatre Curriculum in paragraphs 3 and 4).

The good practices of reference that the action of ESCAPE aims to propose, in compliance with the objectives and the educational offer aimed at adults in a situation of deprivation of personal freedom, therefore concern, in particular with reference to theatrical activity:

a)     a team educational work carried out with a view to the partnership be-tween educators within prison facilities and professionals in Performing Arts and Education through the work designed for the Pesaro Prison thanks to the contribution of the Aenigma University Theatre of Ur-bino;

b)     the proposition of educational interventions permeated by methods that use Emotional Education through the work conceived for the women's penitentiary institute of Alcalà de Guadajra in Seville thanks to the con-tribution of CEPER and the Asociacion Española de Educacion Emocional .