3.1. Theatre in prison inspired by Dario Fo

The theatre of Dario Fo, with its research aimed at the weakest and injustices, to restore the right value to lives sacrificed for a struggle or a creed, is what will guide us in this project.

The realization of a theatrical show at the end of the course remains the fundamental objective of this second phase, for which, having as a reference the theatre of Dario Fo (and Franca Rame), after having made the participants live a preparatory experience of Forum Theatre in line with the principles of the Oppressed Theatre by Augusto Boal, the selection of a real “text-stimulus” of reference will be made that well understands the spirit of research and artistic and communicative objectives specific to the theatrical group that will be formed. At this point, other sources (shared themes, theatrical or literary texts or other artistic works of pictorial-musical-cinematographic reference) sug-gested to the participants by the conductors / coordinators of the scenic expe-rience or emerged from the same group work in a growing collective sensitivity (from below, as both Boal and Fo would have loved).

For the same reason of research, sharing and enhancement of cultural sin-gularities and diversities, any text, even the most beloved, in a theatre project in prison will have to be generous and sometimes step aside as a good parent and leave room for those elements of autobiography, of story of daily life that will acquire even more value if ritualized, that is, if presented in a show.

In summary form, the project must therefore develop as follows (to be un-derstood only in part in a chronological sense).