4.5.2. Specific methodology

The theatre session is characterised by the following methodological aspects:

  • PARTICIPANTS: To carry out these activities, we can involve a class group of about 20 students.
  • TEACHER: The work of the professional is very important, but it is not necessary to have a previous knowledge of the theatre, nor to be an expert in dramatization or performing arts (on this point we talked at length in the group meeting on July 15th. It would be necessary to clarify the importance of the need for training in theatre to be able to teach it, having an understanding of its grammar). The main role should be to motivate and encourage the participation of participants. Create a pleasant environment in which participants feel free to express their opinions, emotions and thoughts, without being judged. It must also integrate everyone, make them feel involved and involve them. It is very important to create a space of EQUITY.
  • ACTIVITIES / THEATRICAL EXERCISES: a motivating and playful methodology will always be used. Participants will always be guided by the teacher who leads the class group but leaves space for improvisation.

The sessions will consist of three parts:
  1. In the first part, the teacher will present to the students the activity that will be carried out.
  2. The second part in which the planned activity will take place.
  3. The last part of the session is about reflecting on what has been accomplished.